anyone ever file exempt on taxes?

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how did it work? Im told you could do it for a couple months and not be penalized, but something just seems would be nice to see some tax free checks though. 
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i do it at work everytime i get a bonus.... but i change it back the next week after getting paid!! if you leave it on there too long it will *%#$ you over in your tax returns ..check comes out fat
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I usually put in zero dependent for 11 months out of the year. When it comes to around Nov., I change it to exempt for two pay periods. My check is hefty for those two pay periods, perfect for Christmas shopping. I switch it back to zero dependents right before December. When I file my return, I still get a refund, but not as big because I kind off "advanced" it when I switched to exempt.
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i do it around the holidays since i get holiday pay for working x-mas and new years. thats a fat check. then i just change it back after that one pay period.
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Three letters.....I R S...

Don't think it's not being noticed when you switch on and off exempt.


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If you are not going to make more then 8,000 in the year and are a student then do it.
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