Anyone ever had bad experiences with antibiotics? VOL. I can't feel my bowels.


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Took a 2 week course of antibiotics for a sinus infection in the beginning of Sept.  Had loose/stools diarrhea a week after and it has continued everyday from Sept until now.  I basically get diarrhea 2-3 a day.  My diarrhea gets a lot worse after I eat anything spicy, sweet, sour or with dairy in it.

I looked online and apparently there's this thing called "Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea/Colitis"? Any health experts or anyone who has experienced wanna chime in? There's a sharp pain in my abdomen right now, gonna see a doctor 2moro. 
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Lots of bad decisions here.. you shouldn't be eating spicy, sweet, sour, or dairy foods if you're having diarrhea. Waiting 2 months before seeing a doctor? Come on son.

In any case, you need to intake some fibre asap, eat a lot of whole grain foods, almonds, walnuts, fruits, vegetables, doctor should give you more info when you see him tomorrow.


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^ I was overseas in Asia and just got back yesterday so I couldn't see a doctor. My diarrhea stopped for like 5 days, so I went back to eating what I normally eat, then my diarrhea worsened after I ate those things. I get diarrhea after eating anything now, whether it be vegetables, fruits, grains, or meat.

Kush I just read up on c-diff and that @+*# sounds scary. Antibiotics pretty much wipe out your good bacteria, but I heard that you can replenish the good bacteria by eating yogurt or anything that contains probiotics... does that help? @+*@.


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If this is your first bout of cdiff coilitis, assuming that's what it is-the doc will give you some metrondazole and it should clear up

It is caused by the antibiotic killing the normal bacterial flora in your gut, causing an overgrowth of a microbe that is usually kept in check by your normal flora

it's unpleasant but you'll live
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buy some probiotics from a health store. the ones that have to be in the fridge not the other crap. it will restore all the good bacteria that was killed by the antibiotics.


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I had that after a bike accident in June - got a week course for an infected wound.

I felt terrible for about a month after - took me a while to sort it out. Probiotics seem to help but massively increasing my fiber intake is what did it.

It really made my life miserable and I was just last week thinking about going back to my doctor but the fiber thing seems to have done the job. I feel a million times better.
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