Anyone Ever heard of/seen this? EDIT: OWN VID ON PAGE 3 and 1

Joined Jul 15, 2006
any of you have any useless talents? i have a few, but this is my most recent

Im really good at dice stacking, because ive been doing it for about 2 weeks now and i can do everything this guy can do, i think its pretty impressive, whatdo you guys think..

EMBED PLZ... oh yaeh i have a life (=
my second video here...
Joined Apr 21, 2007
*disclaimer* i am in no way being sarcastic or a weiner.

That was some of the most awesome tricks ive ever seen.
i couldnt even imagine trying that.
dice would be flying breaking windows and hittin people in the eye.

if u can do that, (idk where ur from) set up a small table on the street...somewhere popular where people woth money go, and perform that stuff! if i seensomeone doing that in person i'd give them money.
straight up.
thats way cooler than cup stacking and stuff.
Joined Dec 10, 2007
I dont know why but I wasnt really impressed. It seems like anyone could learn that after practicing a couple of times. But thats just me
Joined Oct 23, 2006
What is this? Good to do at parties? Is there Dice Stacking comps around the nation? Go play some pogs then holla at me.

Vid was kinda interesting though.
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