Anyone ever work at Macys??

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Got a interview for a "Retail Stock Processing and Placement Associate". How was your interview process?? Should I just keep it simple, shirt and tie?? Looked at but couldnt find anything for this position.
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I worked Macy's seasonal but it was a long time ago (1999 give or take?).

It was during the X-mas season, so the experience may not be the same, but it sucked really bad.

Only good thing was that a lot of the "lifers" were really pressin to get the commission, which means i could basically show up, take a smoke break every 15 minutes, and not do anything else
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for two days..........dressed casual, slacks, tie, dress shirt, blazer........had no experience in sales, but since I looked the part they gave me a position.....was on-call.....

mikey ice 23

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Started in housewares then moved to mens clothing...went to interview with a hollister t-shirt, levis and jordans. Called back next day. This was 3 years ago btw .
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