Anyone familiar with CHARLESTON??

Sep 14, 2006
something just came up and i think ima be in Charleston on Saturday... which means my plans for the fire red 5 release are screwed up. So, i was wondering if anyone is in Charleston or could tell me anything about Jordan releases in chucktown. any help would be appreciated... a store name or anything would be awesome. Thanks yall.

Just check out either Citadel or Northwoods Mall Finishline, Footlocker, or Footaction stores and you will be good. All of these stores got ample pairs of Fire Reds to go around.

My advice would be to get there early. Stores around here usually open between 6- 8am for Jordan retro releases.

If you are staying downtown, Sportsman Shop on King Street would be the only option.

BTW no mom and pop stores down here. That's the only bad thing about living down here.
What's a sneaker boutique?​
Born and raised in Charleston. Great city. There is no drawback of living in South Carolina.
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There is no drawback of living in South Carolina

Yeah, right...
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