Anyone go to AiS??

I drive by it almost every day.

I am already an artist, so they will not let me go there.

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my question is, how does AiS prepare you for life?

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i heard its horrible. apparently it will land you a job (so they say) but its not that great. I almost went there but... i dont feel like taking out loans so i go to UW for under 9k. yet... the art program so far sucks.
Yeah Its ok for the most part....besides ignorant white people from Montana saying off the wall s**t. Im not really sweattin them getting me a job or anything. Im going so when I produce my own stuff Ill know how to master it and all that jazz...Its basically a backup plan to my original plan
I heard Seattle Central had MUCH better programs and at a fraction of the price.
I know the price thing to be tru, but Im not sure about the actual courses and which is better.
I HAVE heard from a few grads of AiS that they coulda gone elsewhere and learned ust as much if not more...they seemed slightly bitter

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yeah i aint feelin it...its more like a school for people that want to learn something that they really dont know. Im in the audio production and Ive known a lof of advanced things. I was hoping to get in the school and learn some high end stuff but im learning things like frequency and all that garbage that I already know....I dont know. The whole purpose if this post really was to find some people that might be normal haha because all the people ive met so far that go here are ????
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