Anyone go to X-Sport Fitness Center?

Joined Nov 11, 2004
Quote:[hr][/hr]the pickup games are kinda weak. [hr][/hr]

haha yea i went to the one on north avenue once,,and to get next you have sign your name on a sheet..and play with random people..i had some 45 yr old white dudes on my team who had nnnoooo game
Team Caribbean
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I knowa guy that rents the courts out there and we just bring our boys up and play for a few hours. The one in niles on thursday nights. Nice courts out there. real nice...
Joined Jan 29, 2003
lifetime fitness is skokie sucks
go to xsport in north avenue good ballers play
friday and saturday midnights
Joined Oct 23, 2004
I go to Lifetime Fitness in Shelby Twp and there is some good runs if you come at the right time.


Joined May 16, 2002
I used to be a member of the one on North no real baller so its alright, but the pickup games do suck alot unless you bring your guys w/ you
The windy city got kicks too joe
Joined May 15, 2004
I'm a member at the Arlington Heights North one, but I've been wasting the membership, because I never go anymore since my daughter was born. Maybe this summer I will start to workout again and play some ball.
Joined Mar 28, 2003
I went to the X-Sports at Golf Mill today with my boy to shoot some hoops. He has a membership, I don't. The young girl at the counter stoped us after my boy swiped us in and asked to me to sign in. After I signed in she tells me it will cost $20 dollars to hoop on the court, we asked to see a manager, some big swolled up muscle head shows up a few miuntes later and explains thats the policy, but he can make an exception to the policy and reduce the price by half and charge us just $10 dollars to use the court.

Has this happened to any one else? was dude at X-Sport just trying to make lunch money off us or what? right now I think they SUCK! or at the very least the staff at Golf Mill does.
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