Anyone got a review for the 21 lows?

you should play a few games and write one. I'd be curious what you think. I'm still balling in the xx lows and might get a pair of the 21s.

how much did they cost you?
"i will slap someone if i ever see anyone wear them and try to stunt wit them" -masterani3
I just picked up a pair after I sold my DS one a while back.

Got them for balling but damn they look nice, I got the black/reds and I don't want to scuff the upper. Anyway, I'll try them out and write something for you guys.

Just on appearance, it looks like it has great traction. We'll see how it performs though. I had the XX lows too and I moved them to strictly tennis, these look like great performers and I'm also anxious to try out XX2 lows as well.
Just played a few games in them and shot around a bit, so I have some initial impressions.

I don't believe you can really judge a shoe until you've played at least 10-15 times in them.

Anyway, a few of the things I noticed right away:

- Extremely responsive and bouncy underfoot. They're more like 2K4's than shoes with larger volume bags, like LBII's and IV's. They're not as firm as the 2K4's to me, but still noticeably firm. I love how they feel underfoot, great blend of cushioning and responsiveness.

- It's nothing like the XX, I still think the XX best implemented the IPS system. It just felt so natural and smooth, nothing can imitate it. The placement feels right in the XXI low, and it's solid and works well, but the XX is still the best imo.

- Fit pretty well, even with the first wear, felt some discomfort at first but that went away. Ventilation seems like a killer though, my feet started to feel pretty warm in them. I mean noticeably warm, like uncomfortable.

- Traction is good, I wiped down the outsole and I was good to go. Not like XVIII's, but really good.
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