anyone have NOTHING in common with their parents???

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ok so random thread. but I was just thinking about how me and my parents have absolutely nothing in common, as far as hobbies go. my hobbies are watchingsports,playing sports, gym, staying active, and comedy shows. my dad dosen't even like sports, eats a bunch, and watches movies all day as his hobbies. Mymoms hobbies are her dogs, turtles and mentoring little kids i guess. nothing im interested in at all. I'm getting older and i finally realized we havingpretty much nothing in common. is this normal? or am i simply the black sheep?


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I would think when you are young that it's pretty unusual to enjoy the same hobbies as your parents.

I get on well with my dad but if we were both to choose to do something on our own they wouldn't be the same things. We certainly don't listen to thesame music or watch the same movies.
Joined Apr 24, 2003
I'm extremely outgoing, social, and busy. My parents are introverts who would rather stay home and be non-sociable.
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