anyone here have a beat machine or w/e the're called? i want one

Joined Aug 17, 2007
yea, i figured there has to be someone knowledgeable about this on NT since alot of ppl are in hip hop/rap and maybe producing. i'm talking about thosemachines like the akaimpc2000, akai mpc5000 i remember finding some more affordable ones on craigslist for 400ish...cant remember the brand though basically,anyone know what a relatively cheap model for messing around with would be? possibly something that samples so im not limited to the sounds that come included,but other than that no real requirements, id be using it to mess around and have fun.
Joined Apr 4, 2008
Get FruityLoops first and if you like it/get good at it by a real one. Or you could just buy the fleshlight and have a lot more fun.
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