Anyone here remember those DISCOGRAPHY threads?


Apr 22, 2009
Anyone remember the threads from 1 or 2 summers ago?

I remember i think it was AirAnt that made the threads.
Basically, it was a way for people to get full library's or discographies of certain music artists.
[color= rgb(255, 0, 0)]It WAS NOT a thread to share links and exchange music.[/color]
Pretty much just track lists(albums, official mixtapes, unofficial mixtapes etc) and loose tracks or freestyles compiled in to a big list so people could seewhat theyre missing or to see all off an artists work.

I dont know if the mods would allow it, i know theyve gotten more strict around here.

If anyone wants to start it up again or wants me to start a new one, that would be great.
Suggestions on the first artist?
I know what you're talking about but what I really want to see brought back are the NT essentials compilations. We stopped after Mariah Carey of allpeople.
We can make better essentials threads if we do the discography threads first

We can do Discography thread 1 week and then the following week do an essentials thread for the same artist?

What do you guys think?
It might be better to do two different artist at the same time. We used to determine the essentials list over the course of a month, it seems like a long timebut I'm sure we all remember how hard it was to agree on the top 20-25 songs of a monumental artist. Also if we did two artist at once, one artistdiscography, and the other an essentials compilation, people who don't have an interest in one of the artist can still possibly contribute with the otherthread.

Just ideas, one things for sure though, if we want to do this we gotta do it ourselves. Once things start rolling it's easy enough to get Ant or Blazer tosticky the thread.

even bastitch participated a lot in the essentials threads.

damn. and now, we can't even post youtube vids.

probably the only place in the internet that doesn't allow it..
Yeah, do it, I have plenty of complete discographies to share.
Can you guys suggest a first artist for the Discography thread and one for the essentials?

I want to start off the discography thread off with something easy like a kanye west or something...
With not very many mixtapes and stuff... so people can see what we're trying to do...

as far as the essentials, what was it before? 16-18 tracks or what?
This is NT so... Cam, Kanye, Jay, BIG, OutKast, Eminem, Joe Budden, Nas
Originally Posted by CalvinJohnson

as far as the essentials, what was it before? 16-18 tracks or what?
The essentials were 20 tracks, personally I always thought they should be 25. If you get that discography thread starter I'll start anessentials one. Who yall want to do first?
Originally Posted by LifeLessons

yall know we cant do stuff like this anymore
I think we could get it done. We just gotta be smart. No posting of videos,
, no links, etc. We can get around that though, justshoot someone a PM. Maybe even send links to the regulars off tops.
Just got the go from method man
Ima start it off with cam'ron since hes a hot topic on nt right now...well always and he has his new album coming out...

Mamaco you can go ahead and start an essentials thread, i was looking back at the old ones and it was actually 15 tracks
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