Anyone here @*@% with YelaWolf?

Joined Oct 6, 2009
I became of fan of him following his performance at a Wiz Khalifa concert a few days back. After listening to his mixtape, Catfish Billy, definitely has another fan on lock. I'll be looking forward to his future projects and wish him nothing but success. Some people may say that I am reaching but could he be a member of the XXL Freshman Class of 2011? Although people argue that it doesn't mean anything, it could be a sign of things to come on the mainstream level if Interscope develops him properly. He has cosigns throughout the South with one coming from Bun B and Raekwon just to name a few MCs in the game that respect the dude.

For those who may be interested in him.
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Joined Sep 23, 2008

i *@+% with Yela hard....all his tapes r fire, dude is def something new and fresh and got his own steez

so he singed to interscope right?
Joined Mar 21, 2008
catfish billy

i BEEN trying to put NT onto him...

anyone going to the Wiz/Yela concert thur night in ATL?

ham city

Joined Oct 18, 2009
I've been watchin the vids dude have been postin for the last couple months like the ones above. I like it, downloading the tape now.
Joined Sep 20, 2006
That's your boy, Lex Starks. 
 He was str8 at the show...brought some dumb #$%&^ females up on stage, had me half 
Joined Jan 28, 2010
TIME dont like anybody

i %**@ with the Bama kid

Congrats on the 'Scope

Trunk Muzik still gets heavy play
Joined Feb 9, 2003
This is like the 3rd or 4th time we've discussed dude on here so you know his following is growing
I saw dude at Tribeca Cinema (a club) in lower Manhattan I think it was. It was about 3 or 4 years ago or so. He was debuting a vid of some sort and they stopped the party to show it. Most people didn't pay it much mind but it low key kinda struck me. I got home and looked dudes myspace up and thought that he had some good stuff but figured nothing would ever come of it. To see him get some shine now is great and I hope he does his thing. Pop the Trunk is my joint
Joined Jun 17, 2006
Yeahp. I check for Yela's stuff...

His spit game is ferocious!

What do you call that haircut though?

*Scratches hi-top in confusion*
Joined Jun 19, 2004
Yup..performed and cracked beers with him backstage last week on the Deal or No Deal Tour..he is good peoples.

It was funny, the venue had hooked us all up with drinks according to our request, you got Wiz with his Bombay Sapphire etc, and Yelawolf's tray is full of only Coors Lights, lol.
Joined Mar 30, 2010
he opened up for Wiz a couple weeks back and i wasnt really feeling his performance. everyone was booing for him to get off the stage. he needs to ditch the Vanilla Ice look.

^yeah, during Wiz's set he stood in the background the whole time sipping a tall can of Coors
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