Anyone in Houston know where 2 buy a good cash car?

Feb 8, 2004
My transmission went out on my truck this past weekend and i am looking for a cash car 2 get me around da city at least till I graduate....please help a fellow NTer out!
Looking for anything in Sz. 12!

the back of the Greensheet has deals sometimes.

ALWAYS check n. shepard, plenty cars under a g.

my car engine went out on 610, i walk to a dealership on shepard(luckily i had just gotten paid). i got a car for $500 cash. less than a week later some old lady hit me in that car. her insurance gave me $1450 for my car and troubles :pimp:
put that towards another car...........

yea, so hop on metro and stroll n. shepard you might get lucky
YES... my brother just opened a carlot..but its in pasadena..

King Of Cars Tx
southmore/shaver pasadena tx...

check us out...

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