Anyone in Salt Lake City know any Jordan spots?


Sep 29, 2005
I'll be out there skiing tomorrow through the 19th but I still want to pick up the V's dropping Saturday. I searched NT and even googled it with no luck.
Anyone on the board familiar with the area's places to buy Jordans.
I'm not a reseller... only picking up my one pair.
Can't help you myself, but you'd have more luck in the regional forum I bet :wink:
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Here you go fella. Hope this helps.

Foot Action
ValleyFair Mall
3601 South 2700 West
West Valley City, Utah 84119

Fashion Place Mall
6191 South State Street
Murray, Utah 84107

Ossines Shoe and Gifts
7576 Redwood Road (1700 West)
West Jordan, Utah 84084

Happy Skiing!
if i lived in utah i would be spending all my money on lift tickets and new ski's... and jordans, lol
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Never shop @ finish line in UT - You'll wait for an hr and a half and when you get there all they have is 6 pairs cuz the empl. took them home the night before. TRUE STORY - more than 1 time and employees have told me also when I worked @ that mall.

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