Anyone know the name on these?

Aug 8, 2008
They were out around 97/98, came in blue and yellow canvas also. They were taken off shelves cus of the air sig on the heel
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Those would be the Nike Air Grill that came out in 1997.

U got any website that verifiesthe name? I just wanna be sure on the name before I list them on ebay.
Im lookin at that pic a bit closer and they look more like the B'Ques? cavnas upper?
You're right, those are it. My bad, I meant to say the B-que's but instead said the Grills... must have had grilling on my mind since that's what Idid for lunch lol.
. I thought you meant the swooshon the upper

@ myself.

Carry on.

BTW, that pair you posted looks mad fake.
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Hopefully this helps.
Are those sample foams? they missing the swoosh
Son, please tell me you're joking.
these have the swoosh but those dont

The shoe might LOOK fake but IMO it's real & the image is just stretched in the pic. Once people start making clear soled Foam fakes = the end
The only Nike shoes I got in 97 were the jordan XIIIs and these BQues, I think i was on a Reebok run back then with AIs and the Shawn Kemp shoe. Come to thinkof it I think I had a pair of those converse sprewells back then also!
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