anyone know where i can find english bull dog puppies?

Jan 9, 2001
yo anyone know any reliable sites to find english bull dog puppies? all the listings i see dont even look legit.. too many scammers...
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go to

be prepared to pay a good 1600$ though

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Pogiboy, I'll check to see when my boys bully is having its next litter. His bullies are usually 2g and up. they are fat with tons of wrinkles but at the same time are very healthy. these dogs can have lots of complications but he's bred healthy with healthy.
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jus my 2 cents, everyone that i know that owned a english bulldog has loved them, they are great pets. the only thing that they didnt like was that fact that their life span is only like 10 years and they are also known to have medical problems. they are a very cute and loving dog, its just thaey dont live that long. jus wanted to let u know if u already didnt.
I got my english bulldog on They said that this is the worst website to get a puppy but I found it to be the cheapest and safest for me!!!. Just as long as they do local meet ups then you should be fine. By the way I got my english bulldog for $700. I had to search for a couple months but he was well worth it. He's red brindle, has a big head, short and stocky and farts all day!!! haha...but yeah, good luck!!!

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