anyone live in kent washington.

Feb 23, 2006
im tying to trade anybody my 7's but i got no guys to trade with.

trying to let my cardinals 7's go for some dunk.
no one is in craiglist. all i want is just to meet up and trade

anyone know here kentridge high school
i know where kr is.

btw you cant buy/sell in the pac nw forums. but on craigslist you can still meet up and sell/trade.
hit me up again you know my number
"Damn, this milk is helluva good!" -Mr.T
nah dude where done trading. all i need to do is buy an SB dunks. i got cashed. PM me. im collecting dunks now. im done buying jordans. i only buy Lebrons and Dunks.
What other jays do you have in size 9?
"Damn, this milk is helluva good!" -Mr.T
umm......... i got the 4's pure, flint 7's 21's 5's would u want some lebron 2's navy/blue sized 8.5 only worn once.
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