Anyone live in Phx, AZ area, got a job offer...moving from East Coast

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So basically I received a job offer out in Phx, was wondering if any NTers could provide some insight into life in the area....nightlife, entertainment, atmosphere as a whole.

I'm 24, single and definitely contemplating the move, just hesitant about this transplant from the east coast (DMV area). Any insight appreciated.
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I personally found Arizona amazing.  I am also in the DMV and as soon as I find a transfer in the Govt Contracting field I am leaving this congested traffic filled area behind and headed out to Arizona. 

Those who say it is too hot must love humidity because it feels hotter in the DMV with the crappy weather we have here.  The dry heat out there feels good, it rarely can drive to see snow and you are a close to Cali and Vegas. 

Do it.


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NY transplant in the DMV. Only other place id rather be is Phoenix. Its amazing..
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I am going on six years in Phx I love it, live in Cali before the move
Dry heat and depending where you live its nice for the most part
Hit me up if you have questions
Housing market is good too
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been out here in phx for the past 5 years (desert ridge area), and love it! the vibe here is chill and lotsa transplants from other cities (young peeps...24-35).  if you wanna get rowdy go to tempe, if you wanna feel sophisticated go to scottsdale...lots of options. 
the bad:

- summertime weather 100's for 3months

the good:

- great weather ALMOST year round

- hip spots to chill/hang

- amazing skies and sunsets, flat land so if you have little elevation such as a high rise can see the whole city.

- active lifestyle. you'll see bunch of runners/cyclists up and about at 5am all year round...makes you wanna stay fit :smile:

- shopping: has hipster stores (highpoint, flyaz, etc) as well as high end (barneys, saks, etc)

- reverse happy hour to accomodate all the college students 11pm - 2pm everything HALF OFF!

**EDIT **  - forgot the most important thing:  HOT WOMEN!!
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simple nice esp. phoenix, scottsdale, glendale if you have a solid job and good living accommodations AZ is that place to settle down in..
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