Anyone one go to The School of The Art Institute of Chicago?

May 20, 2004
Currently I go to Loyola University Chicago, but I applied to transfer to a few different art schools and I'm probably going to end up going to the art institute to stay in Chicago, but as far as I know there is no one on NT that goes there, but figured I'd ask.
...guess not...

Congrats on that though!

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I live in mpls but I'm chicago all the time and all my friends who live there graduated from SAIC. ITs a top notch school but ones a sushi chef, another works retail, one designs t's, another is a dental hygenist and ony my girlffriend (graphic design) and another friend (painter) still work in their field. So you decide huh? haha
I was about 2 months away from going there... i applied got accepted and everything, but then at the last minute decided I wanted to stay here and major in computer art here... It was a coo school.. i visited and went to a summer program there.. but i must say and few of the teachers seemed real cocky... dude did veggietales animations and you would have swore he was workin on shrek or something... here the former animation teacher did matrix revolutions and was a real coo guy.. i guess i just liked the smaller school classes feel...
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Its interesting hearing both of your experiences with the SAIC. I'm mostly going there because I don't feel Loyola takes its fine art/graphic design program very seriously and I didn't really go there in the first place to study art, so... But anyhow, I applied to basically the high end/well known art schools (SAIC, Parsons, RISD, Pratt, etc.) and got into everywhere but RISD. But end of the day decided to stay in Chicago, because I know my way around here pretty well and know lots of people and its not really that far from home (MPLS). I did get that vibe from some of the people i've met, really cocky attitude yet kind of weird/ridiculous art, but at the more high end art schools I feel like you get less of the those who cant do art successfully teach art.
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