Anyone own or has owned an Infiniti FX45 SUV?

Joined Jun 18, 2002
Wifey is wanting one, anyone know much about them? I have read a lot of reviews and heard nothing but good things, even checked out a few YouTube videos andsaw it beat a Supercharged Range Rover....anyone have pics of theirs or know much else? Thanks!


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FlyingEmu has an FX35. Been about 3-4 years now since acquiring it.
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fx35 is a v6 and it gets like 18mpg...i wouldn't even want to know what the fx45 gets...although both are very nice and are one of my favorite SUV'sthat a male could drive without feeling like a soccer mom.

i'd get the fx35, still pretty fast and the sound is amazing.
Joined Jun 18, 2002
Yeah, and the FX 35 is easier to modify from what I have read....those 45's are just so quick though..........
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Originally Posted by wj4

FlyingEmu has an FX35. Been about 3-4 years now since acquiring it.

yeah i have a 2005 fx35. i love the car except for the interior, seems cheap to me. but other than that its fun to drive and even though mine only has 280hp (ithink) it seems faster than it is and you dont even feel like you're speeding when going fast. ohh yeah, gas is a #%*%% on it.
the new fx50 is growing on me
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