anyone tore their mcl?

Jul 4, 2007
hey yesterday i was wrestling and my wrestling partner vined my leg where my leg was planted and twisted my whole body resulting a swollen knee and a possible torn mcl. i felt my ligament stretch, and my bones grind when it twisted. my knee isnt broken and the doctor told me it was my MCL. im pretty sure i didnt tore it. only time it hurt is when i twist the knee inwards. i could bend my knee back and forth fine just slowly.  my question is, is there a way to find out if you actually tearing the ligament without taking a MRI its just a minor swole not too bad. also what can i do to get better. im wearing a brace right now
Sep 19, 2007
Go see an Orthopedist, you are going to have to get an MRI though to see just how bad it is. Could be just a partial tear or even a full.
Oct 14, 2008
Had a slight tear in my left knee while getting off the lift on a rented snowboard without a stomp pad. It healed itself after about 6 months. I did wear a knee brace whenever I did anything more intensive than just walking. But it was quite painful for some time. I say to get an ultrasound at least. It's much cheaper than an MRI.
Sep 30, 2010
There's no real way to know if there's a tear without getting an MRI, they may make educated guesses following some flex tests on your knee. It sounds good that you're able to bend it and that means there's probably not too much swelling. Best advice would be to get it checked out by a doctor, afterall, it is your knee and you don't want anything worse to happen if there is a tear. But if you decide to go without the doc anyway, be sure to RICE it and maybe wear a brace. Knee injuries are no joke, hope everything turns out alright for you.

ham city

Oct 18, 2009
The only way to know for sure is to get the MRI.

I tore my MCL plus two other ligaments in my left knee, if you didn't hear/feel the pop then you most likely didn't suffer a complete tear but there's still a good chance you could have a partial tear. Like dude above says anything you hear that's not backed by MRI results is an educated guess and nothing more.

If you can by any means possible, I would suggest getting the MRI. Going forward you're going to continue to feel better and better but something could still be terribly wrong and if you do have a partial tear, there's a very high chance that you'll completely tear the lig in the future.
Oct 11, 2004
yeah, no real way to test it other than an MRI.  Depending on which ligament is torn, i don't remember how it goes for MCL's but your knee may give out in a certain direction, but an MRI will tell you for sure.  Make sure you wear a brace as they tend to tear more easily again.  i tore 2 knee ligaments 5 years ago and they're still kind of weak.
Jan 17, 2006
Get an MRI.

But for the mean time, do some major icing on it and keep your leg elevated!

And if you can, you can take up to 6-800mg of Motrin or Advil to reduce swelling.
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