Anyone work at a hotel currently or worked at one in the past?

Jan 7, 2003
Im looking for a new gig. Being that Im a college student, I think working at a hotel would be cool. Looking to be a guest service agent. The work seems tobe pretty cut and dry. I wont say it's easy (Although everyone loves an easy job, Ive had a couple and theyve been boring and stagnated) How's the pay (Im guessing in the ballpark of $9+)? Benefits? Relocating, etc. Are the hours flexible? Rotating weekends, etc? Thanks! Also, what hotel chain did you workat?
I've worked at Marriott and currently work at a Hilton property. Pay is totally based where you're at. Always a couple dollars or so over minimum wage.Benefits once again are dependent on the hotel. I didn't receive benefits at the Marriot...but the Hilton does offer them.

Hours flexible? Main shifts are 7-3, 3-11, 11 PM - 7A.
^^^ you sound like me i used to work at the marriott and now im hopeing to get a job at the hilton!

but it depends on what you do i bartended so i made 8 an hour but i made tips so i made much more, working for a hotel is fun because all the people that gothrough there on vacation just trying to have a good time, i had benefits and the good thing is you can stay at other branches of your hotel at a real low orfree price

all and all i love working for a hotel and all my co-works been mad cool
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