Anyone work for the City of Los Angeles?

Nov 24, 2002
Just looking for some feedback on what departments are good. I received confirmation that I will probably be put in a hiring pool and they gave me a list of jobs that I did or didn't want. The Department of Water and Power seems to pay the most, but I have no idea what they do in that section. If anyone has any input, post it here!

Thanks in advance.
I worked as Student Professional Worker there @ DWP a few years ago working in a laboratory, however, after i left they cut the position because of "union" crap.

DWP pays probably among the best in the city departments. They pay pretty well in comparison to private companies, but have less BS obviously and a more relaxed work environment. You can't go wrong in within any City job, but if DWP is a choice, I'd say take it.

What are you applying for? CSR?
My dad works for DWP. He's been with them for the last 8 or 9 years. Before that he worked for the Department of Airports for 15. So he's been with the City for almost 25 years. His raise actually kicked in today, 10/1. He's at a little over $94k a year. He'll retire in 2011 at a little over $100k.
City jobs are nice, wish I was qualified for one.

I am with the City of LA, Personnel Dept.

Yes, DWP pays the most....basically a guy with the same skill level/responsiblities as me gets about $10,000 more. Meh. The thing is, you have to be on the top of your game to get into DWP. Mad competition. Yes, the pay is great, but according to my friends who TRANSFERRED out of DWP (yes, they left!) said it is crazy strict over there. They are always looking over your shoulder...if you can live with that then good luck. But once again it's tough to get in.

My homie that works in Sanitation seems to like her job and so does my other friend in GSD (General Services). I hear Engineering is not so great though.

Just remember that all the hot girls work in City Hall/ CAO/ Controller's office. For reals.
my dad works with the city of LA as well. forget what exactly he does, but he has an awesome job and i might end up applying to work for the city at some point.

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