Anything in CALGARY?

736 17th Ave. SW
Unit B (Upper Unit)
Calgary, Alberta
403 245 5414
Team Saugaour streets is clean
classic style
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thanks jolly! hey i'm from sauga too. lemme in that team. meadowvale what!

yes, oil is plentiful (sp)

i went to edmonton last week, going again tomorrow for work... i havent seen any nice shops. maybe im looking in the wrong place.

im still in calgary for a few weeks, people let me know !

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no i didnt really get to check edmonton out... i had a lot of @#%$ to do at work. hopefully i can get back there in the next couple of weeks

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Aww man too bad i didn't see this thread sooner, but here's some info for any guys coming down to visit Calgary.

The main shoe spot in town is goodfoot, as far as gear goes check out group 7 (4th st. sw. just off of 17th ave) they've got crooks and castles, 10 deep, greedy genius etc. Another shoe spot is Rumors (on 4th as well, if your coming from GF heading to Group7 you'll see it on your right hand side). a pretty small location and imo over priced for such a small selection. but they stock kid robot toys and Mike gear if your into that kind of thing. For more kicks check out the Source at Kensington for SB's and if your going to hit any of the malls just head straight to Chinook. Their footlocker has the best selection in the city but the Champs in Chinook is a close second, but they beat out on customer service!

Oh and I almost forgot about Aluminum planet on 17th ave. as well. They're big on LRG but at first glance they're stock looks weak but talk the guys up and let'em know what you want. they'll probably have it in the back.

I don't have exact addresses for these places i just know how to get there lol! once i get the addresses i'll re-post!
i'll ask my buddy about edmonton, he's from there. but the last time i was there the nike outlet was ok, i know that they have air max 360 basketball and 180 BB's and shox testify's for under a bill.

apparently there are acouple of boutiques worth checking out on white ave. also there were a couple good spots at west ed. there was one place i copped the "true blue" aj3 dunks back in october. i was really surprised to find them at a mall location. but sorry i don't know the name of the place. i'll update with more info once i hear back from my buddy.
much thanks to sole discretion.. as soon as you get the addresses to those spots please hit me up. im going to chinook tomorrow and see wahts up. maybe stop by goodfoot if its open. everything else i will try to hit up this week after work... again, thanks a lot

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i just came back from Chinook mall... IMO CHAMPS>>>>>FOOTLOCKER. The champs had better selection and the staff absolutely killed FL. Dude working at champs had some concords on where as FL has all kids working and they were huddled up in a corner talking to each other. SMH at managers these days

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baller mayo i haven't heard back from my buddy, he's actually out in vancouver on vacation, so no updates on Edmonton addresses. hopefully we can get some Edmonton NT'ers to help us out. just found out i'll be in edmonton at the end of the month so i'd like to know whats good out there too.

oh and yeah CHAMPS does own FL. plus Champs' manager is a good guy, Daves his name i think and he's always helpful.
theres a store called FOSH I think around white ave. I just had a glimpse of it didn't really stop by and went inside cause I was in a rush but i saw some stabs in the window. Also there is a store called Hi-Grade in West Edmonton mall they carry acne jeans/nudies and DOM rebels/Y-3 stuff it's pretty neat i'm enjoying my summer so far but im here for a week..oh also for all the J.Linderberge fans they got a store called URBAN in WEM they got varieties of J.L there so check that out bought something there for cheap and MTL expected me to pay 170CDN -_-.
thanks sole. where you from? calgary? hit me up on msn or something. i need some info on a few things. i just moved here (calgary, not edmonton) and need to meet some local NTer's because i'm losing touch

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*****Calgary store report*****

I just got back from downtown and this is what ive concluded.

Goodfoot is definitely the best spot for kicks. Group 7 would be the best for clothes. Brooklyn has some dope nudie jeans, and the rest is just mediocre. much respect to sole_discretion for the info, im definitely goign back after my next paycheque

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