anywhere cool i can take shaaaaawty on her birthday??

Mar 2, 2001
i dont know too much about SF but i have a condo up there now and im trying to take my girl out for a day on the town july 10.

it's gonna be a B because that's the day of the MLB all-star game...

do u guys have any recommendations of thigns to do? im plannin to take her to a spa place early and i have lunch plans.. afternoon i was thinkin check out an architectural exhibit at SF MOMA (she's into architecture stuff)... but otherwise i got no ideas... anywhere cool i can take her? anywhere i sohudl buy her a present?

holler at me, thanks a lot norcal famo
ban "hobbdidday" once, he'll remember his old screenname from back in the day. ban him twice, and he doesn't have any more.
there are so many places u can take her in that area. did u want to stay in the downtown area? where r u going for dinner? how much and what kind of present do u want for her?
go to Union Square then Pier 39 make your rounds to the GG bridge for some romantic time then head back to North Beach for a nice Italian dinner. get ready and go out and party

I Need Lacelocks for the Green Bean V's
I Need Lacelocks for the Green Bean V's​
ok yeah, some good schnitt in here... im tryin to spend prolly no more than 150 on her present and spendin a lot on things we'll be DOING... so all in all im spending quite a bit of my personal fortune, but w/ever this chick is worth it...

the condo is up in the city hall area (bout 2 blocks away from sutter Huf actually lol), but im willing to drive anywhere. i DONT have plans for dinner... i was thinking of "Foreign Cinema", but ive never been there. also, im thinking she might want to catch the midnight showing of Harry Potter (her bday is july 10, movie opens 12am july 11) at the imax... that's at the metreon, right?
ban "hobbdidday" once, he'll remember his old screenname from back in the day. ban him twice, and he doesn't have any more.
well... if you want to catch the midnight screening.. you might have to just skip dinner or just eat dinner in line at the metreon.
Foreign Cinema is nice. Movie showing in the courtyard dining area, candle lit tables. Real date place.

If she's really in to Architecture stuff, you should take her to the new De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. If its real nice, you can probably spend part of the afternoon out in the park as well. I think that beats crowded touristville Fisherman's Warf.
Yeah don't take her to The Wharf. It would be bland. North Beach is really nice...You'll enjoy...But if you want to get away from all the traffic due to the All-Star Game. Jet across the Golden Gate and head to Sausalito...Great view the bridge and the city....
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yea take her too my house drop her off, and ill show her a good time :evil:
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