anywhere to buy air jordans in bellingham/bellisfair?

I'll be in Bellingham, WA on Oct. 18.

Are there any stores that offer custom stitching on New Era caps? I called Lids at the Bellis Fair mall. They said their store doesn't offer it but suggested a place called Embroidery Creations 5 minutes drive away on the Pacific Hwy.

I then called Embroidery Creations and asked about their prices for custom stitching. They said they start at $65!

Does anybody have other suggestions, i.e. any store in the mall that does custom stitching on New Era hats?

Thanks in advance,

F Sharp005

P.S. How's the outlet mall in Bellingham like? Looking for some casual clothing, winter stuff, etc.. Is it worth checking out?
Try the seattle premium outlets.. near the Tulalip casino. I think if you buy a hat you can get some letters or symbols on the side stitched in.
lol accually i went there kinda hoping i could get the black/caro V's no luck...all dey had were some XIV's...and the XXI of course
I'm posting this question here because it seems more regional (and definitely less cluttered):

Does anyone have an update on what's available at the Nike outlet at Seatlle premium outlet in Tulalip, WA? Is it worth a visit?

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F Sharp005
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