Anywhere To Get Lined Up In OC?

Joined Jul 10, 2006
I know its OC but there has got to be a place to get lined up. I have been doing it myself and I really want a place to just go get it done at. If anyone knows of a barber shop that can do a good line up, please let me know. Thanks
Joined Feb 14, 2004
if you want a great hair cut and don't mind waiting a long time then go to THE GOLDEN RAMS on Goldenwest and 21st in Westminster, my man SAL is sick with the clippers and people literally wait hours for a hair cut, no seriously hours for a hair cut hes the only barber and he takes his time and does a great job

i used to go there but i started going to another spot on HARBOR and LAMPSON in Garden Grove hes good too but isnt as good as SAL but its cheaper and faster
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Joined Feb 24, 2005
Hawleywoods, in Newport or Long Beach cut the cleanest fades, hand down. They dont line up, unless you ask them, but thats not their forte.

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