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I never did work in class, never studied, hated the teacher.

Got a three

Lightly go over the work, don't stress, and have a clear head going into the test. Whatever you know now won't shrink or grow by tomorrow, so don'ttry to cram every detail.
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well..it's a little late now...

but study history in chronological order.

i got a 4 on the test..and I even had 30 mins left over..
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Im finna dead myself my class ended last year and I cant think, Im sick, and I know Im going to into surgery monday, oh and i have physics that day and englishweds

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apush was simple. didn't study at all and got a 4. take the SATII in us history afterwards since it's even easier-- i got a 760.
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Got a 5 so my teacher gave me an A for both semesters. Study in chronological order, try hard to memorize, and develop a wide range of essay ideas ahead oftime.
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My sister was a dumb !!# and never paid attention in AP US history, hardly studied, and got a 2.

I'm taking it, have been 92s on all DBQ tests and semi-decent on tests this year, took the practice test on Spark Notes.com, got a projected score of 4 onthe multiple choice. So my odds are looking kind of good right now. Really want to get a 5 on the essays, because I've been getting B+ on all of theseessay tests this year, and want to get over that bubble... Oh well. Happy with a 3 if I get it, really happy with a 4, overjoyed if I manage a 5.

Go to historyteacher.net and look at their study guides. They are on point.

2008's AP US History exam sample questions
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I calculated my grade and figured I should def pass. Ill be depressed if i dont, Ive never failed at anything academic in my life. The teacher I had wasterrible tho, his passin rate last year was like 30something percent, and my class ended last year. I got my first B EVER in that class becuase he was such a!+!$! I do good in school, and this dude proves repeatedly he shouldnt be teaching the class.

Yesterday he would make fun of students he met around campus and mock them about how theyre stupid and will fail. How messed up is that?
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I say this as someone who got a five out of five on my APUSH exam and then went on you major in History (along with Economics) in college.

- Have a good overview of American History, do not get so wrapped up in remembering a lot of specific dates just get the order of events and their general timeperiod straight.

- Have at least a few very specific facts in your back pocket. I am blessed with a great memory and I know that other are not so try to have a few verydetailed sets of facts from across US History.

- If you are faced with essay writing, argue your position with conviction. You may not care much for the topic, but write as if you did. You take up aposition and you act as though you are that position's lawyer and you are making a case on its behalf.

- Do not try to get very fancy in your writing style. Stick to the standard essay writing format and within that format, sprinkle in a few burst of creativitybut overall, stick to the general essay writing plan.

- Relax, do not think about the ramifications of what happens if you pass or fail, just be there, focus on the task at hand and let your year of work pay offfor you.

You will have to write a lot of these types of essays in college, no matter what your major is so start getting good at it now.
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Originally Posted by xDetr0itJaTTx

got the ap history exam tomorrow, any tips from people who have taken it already? what score y'all get?
Got a 5

can't give u any tips cuz I took that $%*+ off the top of my dome. I had one HELL of a teacher tho---I swear she knew what was gon' be on that examcuz her tests were formatted to questions and prompts that were on the exam. But yea, memorize, memorize, memorize.
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3's on AP Exams FTW!!! No studying or review for my AP US test last year and managed a 3.
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