App store, overrated?

Joined Oct 3, 2007
There are some decent apps but imo it's a lot of hype to me. Knowing Apple I'm kinda disappointed, seems like they're choosing quantity overquality. Yea I know they screen them and stuff but still. What do yall think?


Joined Oct 27, 2007
I Was Jus Jokin Wit My Folks Bout This Like Im Waitin For A Comedic Sketch Or Somin....

"Wanna Know If You've Got Chlamydia, Swine Flu, Or Chicken Pox...Theres An App For That""
Joined Nov 20, 2003
blame the developers then. i have found a ton of useful apps. apps to help with me with learning japanese, games, ebay, wikipedia, etc... remember thatit's not even been that long either.
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