Are the 2004 laser 2k4's worth any money?

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2k4's are my all time favorite balling shoes. My current pair lost all grip and I need a new pair of ballin shoes. I still have a pair of the 2004 jointsDS, but I have no idea if they're worth anything. I got out the sneaker game like 3 years ago and as a result dont know their worth. I dont wanna be ballinin a pair of valuable kicks so I just wanna ensure they're not worth anything more than retail. Thanks. My bad if wrong forum. I'm only a general,sports, and music dude.


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the black/yellow ones are worth about 40 at ross and the purple white ones are worth about 40 in baltimore... how about u go on ebay and check how much a newpair of the ones u pictured are selling for before u tear up ur current pair.
Joined Feb 23, 2004
yea i peeped ebay and didnt see anything outlandish, but back when i was into kicks I know ebay was deceptive on pricing because of the proliferation of fakesand whatnot. I have no idea if that remains true today, so I just wanted to ask here to get a realistic assessment.
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check prices on sites like IIRC your colorway is the most expensive of the 2k4s, but i dont think it has much resale value. i think if i wereyou, i cop one of those other colorways that the posters above mentioned on the cheap and keep that pair you got DS.
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