Are the Nike Lebron Zoom Generations good hoop shoes?

May 11, 2002
I am wondering if anyone has hooped in the Nike Lebron Zoom Generations. Are these good hoop shoes? Im looking for a review...
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They were pretty high off the ground for me, and i didn't like the lack of padding in the tongue.
great shoe. i loved the lightweight and durability. i normally only hoop in high tops but the support was good and the traction was up to par. one of my top 5 hoop shoes of all time. hope that helps
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i liked the shoes, but when i used my wade 1 insole without removing the nike one, i absolutely loved the shoe. felt a little high off the ground, but it didn't bother me much.
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great shoes for any position. Support could be a little better but you can always lace it up all the way.
I played in my AZG outdoor for 2 years, and they feel great! the only thing I dont like is that the heel is kinda too hard.
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