are the sonics moving???

Well they have a group of millionaire owners, all of whom live in Ok city. They have an arena there ready to go, they have the city of Seattle unwilling to help with a stadium AT ALL. AND if it were to go to a vote whether we should build them a new stadium it will fail.

BUT Clay Bennett the lead of the new owners group has said publicly and to people privatley that he really intends to stay up here and that he DOESN'T want it to go to a ballot vote. Since it would fail and send him to Ok city that appears to support his statements about really trying to stay here. They will NOT stay in Seattle, they are looking at Bellevue or Renton as the possible new sights with Bellevue leading the way right now. I'd prefer Renton, as I think it would do wonders for the city, and would allow us Seattlites to avoid the bridges to the eastside to see a game. Not to mention the Seahawks are moving all of their offices and training facilities from Kirkland and Cheney to Renton in the next few years so we may soon see real growth in Renton.
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i dont like the sound of that... BELLEVUE SONICS?!?!? RENTON SONICS?!?!?! BLAH :x
i hate to say it but OKLAHOMA SONICS sounds better than those... :smh:
just because they move the facility dosnt mean there changing the name when they played in the tacoma dome for a few years they were still called the seattle supersonics heck, the new york giants stadium isnt even in new york its in new jersey
THe name wouldn't change but even if it had to I would prefer the Bellevue Sonics, or the Puget Sound Sonics or whatever to the Oklahoma Sonics.
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