Armory Chicago now open!!!

Jul 17, 2006
Wasup ya'll posting this for all the Chitown heads out there. Check out the Armory in Chicago they got some cool stuff...Im actually owner of the Armory Hip Hop Shop and Armory Survival Gear Store in San Diego but just posting this up for my peoples Reksick and Eric who just opened up the Armory out there a few months ago both of whom are local cats from out that way. They got a few brands out there right now like Chocalate, Diamond Supply, Armory, Akomplice, Exact Science, Rebel 8, Scifen, Seventh Letter, Tribal and alot more go checkem out and tellem CROS sent you and hopefully you see some stuff you like...

Looks dope, I'll be heading there tomorrow then!

Edit: Wow, I thought this was Lawrence uptown, I just mapquested the address, and I literally live one minute away driving...
Checked it out today...nice shop and good guys in there. Dope tees...diamond, girl, armory's own label, etc...good stuff
I went yesterday, and it seemed pretty cool.

Are the shoes in a different room or something? Or am I not looking hard enough? They had some nice shirts and decks, but in the Official Chicago Sneaker thing, it said they had an SB and JB account.
Thanks for the feedback and support. For shoes I seen that on the thread your talking about as well. I believe they are looking to getting into shoes in the future but for now they gotta work up to that point. We do consignment kicks at the shops in SD maybe they might start doing that soon over there if you have any feeback or comments or suggestions should definitely let these guys know at the shop. There learning everyday being in the business and just want to make stuff happen for Chitown....
great...another fuggin' shop to take my money.
Nice. Looks pretty hot.
I'll have to check it out when I'm n town for the Chicago Shoe Expo in a few weeks.
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I believe there open from noon-8 but from what I heard they stay there real late and just chill so I dunno if they stay open after that. Best thing to do is just to call...
Poppin up this week at Armory Chicago got some limited pieces from our own line.....
Armory Battle Royal Design if you've seen the movie you know the deal....

Armory Gunner Design...4 different colors Maroon ones match the 5's real nice....

The store for now is getting a full size run of each print so you won't be having a million people rocking the same thing as you so if you're feeling it at all check out the Armory out that way and givem a holler....
wow place is literally around the corner :lol:
i pass there everyday to get home and never noticed it lol i went to the post office today and walked past it i did a double take since place lookd familiar but didnt have time to go in :frown:
will def drop by tommarow place looked very clean too considerin 90% of the stores there are all beat |I

besides its not like my sig even matters to you......
just went there im feelin it :pimp:
they have great shirts and brands non of that ice cream or bape type clothes i spoke with him for a minute lol dude told me they were selling fake lrg acroos the street next to payless :rofl:
n i went after and :x

I also spoke to him about the kick game and he said they cant get a JB account anytime soon 2years actually :frown:
jb wont let them since there new and the sb account is getting worked on i bought 3shirts lovin this one jordan shirt they said there getting denim and a lot of women cloths too great place imo
besides its not like my sig even matters to you......
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