As an R&B artist, where does Usher stand amongst todays singers?

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These statements were brought up in another thread:
You MUST be a girl or in high school if you say Confessions is better. Usher is a bubble gum, teenybopper RnB singer. His music is for woman or high school kids who cupcake on the phone 'til 6 in the morning. If you're talking about REAL RnB, quality soulful music then you can't even compare the artists.

Its pretty obvious that Usher's music is aimed towards a younger audience. Just compare the crowds at each one of their concerts. There's a reason why at a John Legend show there are tons of OGs in the crowd. Older people can vibe with John's music. Aint no OG going to listen to "Yeah" or "My Boo"...

This was a response to people who said that Confessions could be considered one of, if not THE best R&B album in the past 10 years (in comparison to albumslike Once Again and the Evolution of Robin Thicke).

Personally, I think that Confessions has a ridiculous replay value. Usher has been in the game a long, LONG time, and much like how (not comparing the albumsat all) people can still vibe to Off the Wall, some tracks off of Confessions will have the same effect 10-15 years down the road....

Back to the original topic....where does Usher stand amongst dudes in today's R&B game. He recently had a stinker of an album, but his overall resumeis very strong....what do you all think? Also, who is his music catered to? The "grown and sexy" (I hate that term), or "teenyboppers?"
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I was blasting 8701 for the first time in a minute yesterday. Usher's an R&B legend
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I'd say Usher is in the top 3 or 4 even with falling off for a few years.

Also I say Usher's music is in between "teenyboppers" and "grown and sexy" ..... 8701 and Confessions are amazing R&B albums to me.
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Usher needs a nice comeback album

every song that has leaked since "Here I Stand" has been horrible
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In 04' Usher was THAT dude. Bar none, funny how a few years people forget. Music has no age range honestly its all about opinion. Thats said, Usher is top3
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Confessions is the best R&B album to come out this decade. Anybody who thinks that CD is garbage

If you're trying to compare his career resume to that of guys like JL, Robin Thicke, etc. I don't really think they compare cause he's been in thegame so long and has been dropping good material for such a long period of time

Confessions alone %+$$# on almost every R&B artists career out right now. Not many who are in the game right now can match him

Right now its him, JL, and Thicke at the top


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He's very talented to me. He had many teenboper songs, but also very mature songs imo.
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if Usher doesnt make a comeback I think it is safe to say JT will go on to have a much bigger career
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^ Son, The Neptunes & Timbaland have made JT's career. You can't same the same for Usher @ all. Usher is better @ EVERYTHING (in his prime) that JTdoes (real talk). And I am a BIG JT fan...

My Way - @%%# is STILL CRACK.
"Nice & Slow" is one of my fav R&B songs of All-Time. The album also had a "PA"sticker on it, so
@ "catering to teenyboppers"...

8701 - probably one of the most underrated mainstream R&B albums ever. This @%%# is amazing. If you don't agree or haven't heard it in a minute, gopeep that!

Confessions - nothing really needs to be said. The #1 R&B album in the last 10 years IMO. Arguably one of my fav albums of All-Time...The re-issue is evenmore

Here I Stand - didn't live up to expectations, but coming after Confessions, it honestly had NO chance. It is still better than 90% of the @%%# that iscoming out these days...

I said this in in the thread OP is referring to & I'll say it again. Well over 50% of Usher's discography is about sex
& his MAIN fan baseis 20-30 year olds, so NO, he DOES NOT cater to "teenyboppers".
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Originally Posted by areyouin729

JD and Lil Jon didnt do the same for Usher or anything, he made his own beats

Yes, J.D. has been lacing him with
forever, but it NEVER outshines the vocals (not the case with A LOT of JT's stuff). And Lil Jon, Lil Jon?! Did YOUREALLY JUST SAY LIL JON?!!!

Lil Jon has ONLY produced 1 song for Usher in his ENTIRE career (2 if you count "Red Light" off of the re-issue of Confessions).
...Thanks for proving my point!

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Lil Jon produced the hit Usher will forever be known for

I like Usher alot but overall I think JT's career will be much bigger

8701 is one of my fav albums ever
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i don't think he caters to a teenybopper crowd...yeah lil girls love him but he def. doesn't make his albums for them...i went to an Usher concert backin 5th grade and i had no business being there...he was dropping his pants and humpin the aunt couldn't believe it...
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Seriously though...JT is MUCH more Pop than R&B...always has been since his days with *NSYNC. He is still very appreciated but I don't think you caneven compare their individual careers (not the same platform FTW). Kells & Ursh are the R&B Kings of our time, word to "Same Girl"
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