As if you needed another reason to be suspicious of fast food


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[h1]Taco Bell Worker Appears To Be Licking A Bunch Of Taco Shells In This Facebook Picture (PHOTO)[/h1]
The Huffington Post  |  Posted: 06/03/2013 9:43 am EDT   |  Updated: 06/03/2013 5:32 pm EDT

To give him credit, it's rare to see an employee publicly display this much enthusiasm for a 9-to-5.

A picture recently surfaced on Taco Bell’s Facebook page of what appears to be one of the chain's employee licking a bunch of tacos. While the circumstances surrounding the public display of taco shell affection are unclear -- as Consumerist notes, it’s possible the shells were destined for the trash -- it may make us think twice before buying our next Doritos Locos Taco.

Taco Bell spokesman Rob Poetsch wrote in an e-mail statement to The Huffington Post that the company has "strict strict food handling procedures and zero tolerance for any violations."

"When we learned of the situation we immediately contacted this restaurant's leadership and although we believe it is a prank and the food was not served to customers, we are conducting a full scale investigation and will be taking swift action against those involved."

This apparent Taco Bell worker isn’t the first fast food employee to see a photo of themselves go viral for all the wrong reasons. A KFC worker was fired earlier this year after she posted a photo on Facebook in which she was dangerously close to licking some mashed potatoes.

Yet it's arguable where human saliva ranks among the grossest fast food anecdotes ever, especially after workers took to Reddit last year to share some of the more disgusting things they’ve witnessed on the job. Melting chicken nuggets, anyone?

UPDATE: This post has been updated to include comment from Taco Bell.
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I love how Taco Bell got on facebook and straight lied about the picture.

"Oh, it's probably a prank and no one was served the food." You know that's not true at all.

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Why would they put that on they FB? Fire this dude and the social media manager as well
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Makes you realize how much faith you have to put in kitchen workers when you order food. Of course you'll give people the benefit of the doubt, but you just never know what goes on behind those kitchen doors.
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Lik i says in oder thread. Haven had taco bell in ober a year. Life without fast food is great.
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Probably a joke gone wrong, shells destined for the trash...

Anyway, based on stories here and other sites, I think mid to high end restaurant workers do worse things to food that is going directly to customers.

Some of the stories, :wow: ... :x ... :smh:
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Anyone who orders hard tacos from Taco Bell doesn't give a damn about this thing called life.

I understand why people eat fast food (because it's tasty and worth it) but settling on tacos from Taco Bell is the absolute bottom of the fast food foodchain.


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Taco Bell has fired two employees involved in a picture that went viral showing one of them licking a stack of taco shells.

The fast food giant issued a statement saying the employee who took the photo "no longer works there" while the guy in the photo has been suspended and is in the process of being fired.


In the statement, Taco Bell explained that the photo was for an "internal contest in which company and franchise employees could submit for approval photos of themselves enjoying their first bite of" a new product. The shells, according to Taco Bell, were in the process of being thrown out. The photo "violated the rules and spirit of the contest" and was rejected. However, an employee posted the photo on social media, a violation of Taco Bell's franchisee's policies.

Taco Bell has reiterated that the shells were not actually given to customers, but were given to franchisees "for training purposes."

Likely to avoid drawing further attention to the matter, Taco Bell did not provide a link to the statement via its Twitter feed or its Facebook Page. Nevertheless, as of Tuesday afternoon, users were still posting that pic to Taco Bell's Facebook Page.
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People all over the country are doing this type of stuff so I am not even surprised. Somebody probably spit in the chicken I got from bojangles last night. Do I know if they did, no, but if I want to eat fast food that's the risk I take.
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@ "in the process of being fired" much paperwork do you have to fill out to fire an assistant assistant manager's assistant?
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how do we know they were thrown out? Either way it was stupid for them to do it, and they should be punishe for it. This why I hate fast food joints as well as restaurants. You can't trust anybody preparing your food. Some do things to spite you, and others are just nasty.

my boy told me about the last time he bought Mcdonald's/fast food. A few years back he was in the drive thru, and the dude that gave him his food, his hands were dirty, and his finger nails had dirt inside and around them. He said that grossed him out and he just drove off. Never bought fast food again, and completely changed his diet. That story has kept me off that junk. I can't lie though, weekends when you up late watching movies taco bell be calling my name. Sometimes I'm good but there is always that one time when you succumb to the pressure, then feel real bad afterwards.
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