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  1. KingdomFlatbush


    Apr 27, 2014
    We got any of these in the house?

    I was reading the ElderWatsonDiggs thread and I was wondering if there were other people with similar aspirations.

    I want to be a fiction writer primarily, but I enjoy writing in general.

    If anybody's into that stuff, post a general summary of what you're writing about. Pitch it here. Even post what you've written so that others can critique, if you're brave.

    I just wrote the 110th page of my first novel tonight [​IMG]26,129 words and counting. At least 350 more pages to go [​IMG]

    It's fantasy, in the vein of Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, etc. Total fantasy world. But one of the things I've noticed about old school and contemporary fantasy is that the authors always incorporate Europeanish themes and such. Even George RR Martin, creator of Game of Thrones, writes using medieval Europe as his inspiration. Mostly white folks, too. (nothing wrong with that in of itself [​IMG])

    My **** takes place in a glaringly obvious fantastical re-imagining of America. So, American themes, American culture, American language, American issues. RACE, religion, xenophobia, fundamentalism. All of that good old stuff that the rest of the world hates us for. This doesn't take place in America, but it was inspired by America, the same way Westeros in Game of thrones is inspired by maybe medieval Europe.

    As a result, the language used isn't all YOU SHALL NOT PASS. It's much more slack--very "accessible", lol.

    What are you writing about, if anything?
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  2. moe fab

    moe fab

    Oct 3, 2011
    Been waiting on something like this. I love to write, as I've stated in other threads. I like to focus on grittier type of fiction, but I also write some non-fiction. I have a lot of experiences in criminal activities n hood experiences, so I usually draw on that for inspiration. Well, without further ado, here are the works I send to everyone when they ask to read some.
    The stranger had offered more, but by this point she was drunk, just as ****d up as her life was. There was no escape. She only of knew this type of affection; her father was an addict that took advantage of her n her kuzn during late-night binges with his junkie friends. He rushed her as she reluctantly gave in to his advances; an all too familiar scenario that plagued her life since she could remember. Her body trembled as he inserted himself into her. His grunts n warm breath, sweat beading off his body onto hers, made her feel sick. Why did she allow herself to fall into this predicament again, she thought to herself. All signs pointed to rape: the drug-infused cocktail, tattered dress, the long, cold blade to her stomach. Still, she somehow felt a calming ease. No one loved her; an orphan by 14; her mother killed by her father during one of his drunken tirades when she was only 7; he had later succumbed to an overdose. No, this time was different however. Her goosebumps led him to believe she was enjoying this; her tears showed otherwise. Fear overtook her, as her silent shrieks of terror echoed through her psyche. It would all be over soon, the rape, this night, her agony. It would all be over soon.

    Her mutilated body was found the next morning, slashed n dismembered. Another victim.
    I hope NT enjoys!

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  3. don adidada

    don adidada

    Jun 1, 2013
    In. This is quite an interesting thread.

    Because this is NT, I think it's necessary to state I'm not making this a race thread.

    I'm currently writing a collection of short stories. It's about applying common space themes to various cultures.

    Whenever I see a sci-fi movie or read a sci-fi novel, the protagonists are usually white as are the vast majority of supporting characters.

    It's almost as if minorities don't exist in the future according to popular media.

    All the stories are set in the same universe, overlapping each other.

    The first story is about a Malay politician in the Galactic Caliphate trying to stop a civil war erupting between the Shia and Sunni factions whilst covering up the robbery of goods of national importance.

    The second story is about a Chinese cat burglar and her crew performing a heist to steal said stolen artifacts.

    The third story is about a Caribbean bounty hunter and his crew going after the thieves who stole important artifacts and documents from the national museum on the Galactic Caliphate's home world.

    The fourth story is about an Indian member of the Syndicate on the rise, and is the man behind the robbery of the Galactic Caliphate in an attempt to impress his superiors and rise in the ranks.

    The fifth story is about a Latin cartel member who is trying to take his small time firm into the big time by taking sides in the Galactic Caliphate crisis against the Syndicate and their allies on the opposite side of the civil war.

    The sixth story is about an indigenous shaman who has a prophetic vision about the destruction of mankind should the Galactic Caliphate unrest leap into full blown war and his hail Mary effort to bring the crisis to a close before it's too late.
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  4. blakep267


    Jan 2, 2012
    I like to mix my writing up between screenwriting, plays, fiction and non fiction. I tried doing the whole poetry thing in college but it wasn't for me.

    Ive kinda been slacking for the last year ever since graduating, but my iPhone keeps all of my ideas. I wrote some short stories about my prom experience and a zombie comedy that most people in my classes seemed to like, so I guess ill revisit them
  5. nikeskywalker


    Oct 5, 2010
    10 second rule:

    Dorky kid drops his snack in some Toxic fallout while walking home with his fat friend, who says: "10 SECOND RULE!!", he picks it up, eats it.... Next day he's ZAC EFRON, as the story goes on the FBI monitors his every move, all the while his old relationships fall apart and his new Superficial relationships start to mold him into the person he always thought he wanted to be.... The series starts off Campy, More of a Young teen oriented, but as itTHE goes on it follows the exploits into Young adulthood, and grows darker, and darker, until he becomes fully isolated as an adult.


    Samuel L. Jackson is a struggling U.S. Postal worker who is inspired by a customer who makes his fortune selling on ebay. Samuel L. Jackson starts off by selling his Rare Stamp collection. Everything goes off well, until Samuel L. Jackson gets scammed for a rare stamp. Samuel thinks everything is fine, and that Paypal & Ebay will fix everything, but in their Pro Buyer Arena they side with the scammer. Samuel L. Jackson becomes a vigilante and confronts different members of the Scammers private life before finally turning those he loves on the scammer. It ends with the Scammer issuing a refund, soon after the scammer commits suicide.



    Women enters a bar, and seduces an early 30's male whom she takes home. She drugs him, and the plan is for the husband, and her to kill him when he comes to. All the while a group of Men followed the woman and the man home in hopes of committing unthinkable acts. The Couple get a chance to defend themselves, and get away with Justified Murder. The story gets more complicated as they already drugged the 30's aged male.


    Post Apocolyptic movie where the citizens of USA are no longer afraid of police, and have taken Law into their own hands. Forcing the Gov't to enact the HUMAN RIGHTS act. Wherein a person who commits a misdemeanor loses their civil rights, and must report to jail within 24 hours, at which time a Bounty of $1000 is placed for their capture. After the 24 hours they are Free & Clear of the misdemeanor. However when a person commits a Serious offense such as Rape / Murder / Assault / they Lose their HUMAN RIGHTS, and a Bounty is placed on their head for 72 hours for $10,000. After 72 hours the offense drops off..................
    Teams of Bounty hunters looking to collect the bounty make it impossible for people to make it past these time frames. Story becomes complicated when a young adult whose the son of a Popular bounty hunter is falsely accused of a crime
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    Apr 5, 2008
    I see what OP is doing...
  7. SC kid

    SC kid

    Apr 16, 2004
    I write stuff.
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    Apr 27, 2014

    Will post critiques and feedback of everyone's writing tomorrow
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    Jan 8, 2004
    Was just about to page you.
  10. moe fab

    moe fab

    Oct 3, 2011
  11. KingdomFlatbush


    Apr 27, 2014
    .... forgot I made this thread


    Post your **** if you're a writer
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    Jul 21, 2009
    I tried to right a comedy show. The rejection was too much for my soul to handle :lol:
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    Jun 26, 2003
    Too much irony. Does not compute.
  14. enphan


    Jul 31, 2007
    i'm a professional editor if any of you want to get your writings published.

    i got countless NT references and a couple of self-published title credits.

    hit me with a PM