Athletes World Friends and Family Sale (August 17 - 19 2007)

Dec 23, 1999
Athletes World is having their Friends and Family sale this weekend. Regular priced items will be 30% off, while sale priced items will be 20% off. CANNOT be combined with SPC or BOGO.

All clothes is fair game, but some shoes are excluded.

Damn Storm Ryder you beat me too it.

Good looking out on the post.
Looking to see you NT'ers at V. Mills this weekend.

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^ :lol:
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I think the best deals would be on the clothing, the new Ali collection from adidas, Jordan apparel, And1 apparel, lots of soccer apparel as well.

alot of the new footwear is excluded though, but there's still bogo and the new Zoom line is amazing!
Actually, the black / red XX2 is not on the exclusion list.

Athletes World did get the Zoom series with 2 colors of the zoom bb (white/carolina/navy and navy/tan/red)
All Zoom series shoes are excluded.
did you guys bring back the "world athletics" line ...and you guys still have "antidote" too right? lol
Thanks for the heads up - I think I'll grab the new Zoom TR that came out - looks good

we still have the World Athletics & Antidote lines. Unfortunately, the W/A hoodies and sweats are a great deal at 2 for $39.99.

Grounded Footwear
Opening 2007
Barrie, Ontario
wait so is this just like a foot locker or champs f & f thing where you just walk in and you get one of those little ticket stubs or w/e or like when you go to the register they have like a pile of them and they just give you the discount any ways or do you actually have to know someone?
yea, all new zoom product is excluded.
you can always use it as the first shoe in bogo tho...or get a SPC discount on the zoom's no problem
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