ATL SB spots

Oct 5, 2003
i went to stratosphere, didnt really see alot.
Wish is right up the street but i somehow missed it.
I know of Sole Munki, Supreme, Prestigious=too far, but what about Walters? I haven't been in a while, but do they sell SB's?

Im also looking for some technicolor kicks. i know adidas usually has some nice ones, but where!!!?? DTLR has some stuff but not much. Adidas store in Lenox?
There's no supreme in atl just do a little web search
first off
and you mean Y-3 store @ lenox
statosphere and ambush (75n to barrett pkwy) only places in atlanta vicinity that have sb account
*Atlanta Summer Summit*
Sat. August 12th @ Prestigious 2:00pm
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that frikkin sucks.

lol i meant standard.

but stratosphere... ahhhhhhhhhh maybe they'll get something i want one day
There is a store called Supreme in atlanta, its just not the same supreme that your thinking about. Its over by Underground
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