ATL SB spots

Joined Oct 5, 2003
i went to stratosphere, didnt really see alot.
Wish is right up the street but i somehow missed it.
I know of Sole Munki, Supreme, Prestigious=too far, but what about Walters? I haven't been in a while, but do they sell SB's?

Im also looking for some technicolor kicks. i know adidas usually has some nice ones, but where!!!?? DTLR has some stuff but not much. Adidas store in Lenox?
Joined Aug 4, 2004
There's no supreme in atl just do a little web search
first off
and you mean Y-3 store @ lenox
Joined Feb 8, 2005
statosphere and ambush (75n to barrett pkwy) only places in atlanta vicinity that have sb account
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Sat. August 12th @ Prestigious 2:00pm
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Joined Oct 5, 2003
that frikkin sucks.

lol i meant standard.

but stratosphere... ahhhhhhhhhh maybe they'll get something i want one day
Joined Jun 6, 2004
There is a store called Supreme in atlanta, its just not the same supreme that your thinking about. Its over by Underground
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