May 8, 2004
I recently just won some gold AM97's on eBay for $90 shipped. I've been looking for them in my size for a long time and finally came across this pair. When I won them I was assuming they were the 2000 version when they were originally released because the 07'/08' version hasn't dropped yet. I got them today and the production date says "1/09/07". He stated they were b-grades in the auction so I'm aware. I'm just shocked they are the 07'/08' AM97's...

What do you guys think? Any help would be appreciated

Here are some detailed pics I took:

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could be but i wouldn't count on it. The shoe has been retroed in Europe, Asia, Canada at least twice or more times since then. I know that 97's are especially big in Italy for some reason and are in constant prod. But there is a date anyway for manufacture so its not that hard to tell.

I guarantee you they will hit outlets when they retroe along with most of the other colors anyway.
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Those are legit. I was in Spain this March and a footlocker by my hotel had a whole wall of these and the Silver ones on display. I think those are releasing here in the states later this year or next year.
Nice shoes, I picked up a pair from designer athletic a few years ago that was a Europe-only release.

Did it have the square white sticker on the insole? Usually Nike EU shoes have that.
they're coming out in fall.

and is it me or do those not look as gold as they should?
the gold is nice, I need to pick up a pair

I have the silver for sale....peep the sig
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wth....i picked up a pair from Northbend outlet here in washington a couple of months ago but they were in womens size..and they look exactly the same....
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If they are releasing this fall, does anyone think that there will be a subtle change that the swoosh won't be red, or the bottom sole won't have the white parts, but a solid black or like a transparent black. I won't hold my breath, because when rumors start going around about something like gold 97's, there are always some kind of change that ruins the whole aesthetic of the shoe. Just a vent and a thought.
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I have the same ones...they're way less gold than the womens one that was retro'd in the US like last year - 2 years ago...but I've had them for like a year now
these are amazing. def a cop.
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those are the gold/red am97 that released earlier in late spring/early summer. i compaired the style/color code w/ a homie's and they're the same. they came out about or around the same time the wht/navy (312641-141) released.
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My pics are already up on kixandthecity.
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