Audio System Shops..... help

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New to Norcal area,

You all know any good shops around here where I can get some audio work done on my truck? All seem scammish around here ( Fairfield/Vacaville )

Or do any of you do it? Could be extra money for your pockets!

Any help would be GREAT!

Also any good rim shops too....

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Audiomobile in Downtown Oakland on 11th Street, if you want to drive over there from Fairfield. I just had a Pioneer In-Dash DVD deck installed in my Lexus and they did a GREAT job. It's pretty pricey, but I mean you get what you pay for. They also give you a life-time warranty on labor as well and if anything goes wrong later on, you can get it checked free of charge.
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You definitely should. I had just heard about them through the grapevine and I didn't even look them up on Yelp. As you can see on yelp, they are no slouches. Their prices for work are definitely higher than most, but you will leave satisfied and they work really fast too.
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Hi-Tech audio in El Cerrito is where i go. I had a pair of 10's and an amp installed there in 99-00. And it's still going strong.
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