AUSTIN, TX whats up??

Jul 15, 2004
Hey y'all,

I'll be heading to Austin Texas in a couple weeks, where are the spots? I'm mostly interested in dunk, air maxes, etc.

Thanks in advance!!
WANTED: Size 12/11.5 Dunk Low Veneer/Jokers
Here is all you need to know when it comes to Austin.....

710 Brazos, Austin TX 78701
(512) 275-7385
what kind of nike account do they have and whats on the shelves now, etc?
WANTED: Size 12/11.5 Dunk Low Veneer/Jokers
It's almost a TIER 0, talk to Fahad(owner) and his hitman/bouncer-Derrick(LOL) You'll be surprised by the hospitality and friendliness. That's just the ATX way. Peace and hope your trip is eventful.
"Where'd you get those?"- Bobbito Garcia
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