Avatar and Signature Limit (ALL MEMBERS COMPLY OR BANNED)


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After today, January 2nd, members with avatars over 150,000 bytes will be banned without further warning. You are required to read our Rules of Conduct before posting on NikeTalk.

This is a reminder that NikeTalk members' avatar are supposed to be no more than the 150,000 bytes. Please change it if you have one over the limit.

Also, many of you have signatures that are past our five lines of "NORMAL" sized text limit total. Normal size text is this one, the default text. Signatures should be no longer than...


......lines total or the total are size of five lines of normal sized text. ing for Michigan at forward, a 6-9 freshman from Detroit, MI #4 Chris Webber; at forward, a 6-6 freshman from Austin, TX #21 Ray Jackson; at center, a 6-9 freshman from Chicago, IL #25 Juwan Howard; at guard a 6-5 freshman from Plano, TX #24 Jimmy King; and at guard, a 6-8 freshman from Detroit, MI #5 Jalen Rose. They were known as the "Greatest Class Ever Recruited" or simply known as the Fab Five ~ Mitch Albom [/size][/b][/size][/color][/font]
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