Awkward first impression UNAPPRECIATION!

Feb 14, 2008
Good day my NT Brethren...

Been away for a while, but the allurebrought me back in.  Anywho, had a potentially tragic story to share. I'm en route to this chicks house for the first time when I suddenlyget the urge to take a piss.  Being the lazy person that I am, insteadof stopping @ a gas station, I decide to use a water bottle that isconveniently on the backseat.  So I'm trying to maneuver my member tohit the bottle opening while I'm driving.  For fear of any leakage, Idecide to wait til i get to the chicks house to finish what I hadstarted.  Tell me why she happened to be checking her mail outsideright as I pull up, and I have a bottle in my jeans, with my fly andbelt undone. 
  SMH. Had to act like I didn't see her, drive to the back of her place and ditch the bottle.  Catastrophe averted.

Sparknotes Version (in caveman format): Man need piss. Man use bottle. Girl almost catch Man with bottle in pants.

Share your stories my friends.   
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