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Jun 29, 2007 I haven't been here that long...and I'm in gilbert, and I wanted to have some work done on my car...but since its a double-din, I know its gonna take some craftsmanship and care...

can you guys help me out with some reputable car audio installation spots in the mesa, gilbert, chander, tempe, scottsdale area.

I know thats a broad span, but I'm willing to travel for a job well done.
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Soundwerks on 40th street and Bell road in North Phoenix. May be a long trip, but in my experience they have the best customer service. I say this because I don't know much about cars, audio etc. When I purchased 2 Jl subs, I went in clueless, and wanted to build my own speaker box. one of the employees helped me figure out what kind of dimensions I needed etc. Knowing there was no profit in it for him, and answering stupid questions a rookie would ask. They have also installed my set of subs in my first car, and second. Nothing custom, but great work, and great service.
Any Jordans size 13-14? Get at me.

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yo if you want to shoot me a pm im also in gilbert and i know some shops around gilbert/mesa that do some great work peace!
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