AZ heads! New urban account store for us!

Aug 24, 2006
Well, finally another store will have an urban account. Livin-n-hiphop will have an urban account. They get their Olive V clothing next week. They are located on NE side of Southern and Mill, next to tokyo bowl. Their number is 480-557-6950
Hit them up!
from what i heard they just got the account and will not recieve shoes until the burgundys come out! I do know that they will have a few olives available! They are a boutique and have all kinds of Jordan in store!
this store has been in business for over 5 years. They dealt mostly with upscale clothing. They do custom AF1's too.
nope. they dont deal with fakes. There is a guy that stands in the corner of the bulding sometimes though, that calls their customers over and tells them that they can get them better shoes at lower prices. They are fake of course. Livin-n-hiphop is legit and they got flipjays backing them up on that too. Just ask flipjays for yourself.
Alight i'm going to check it out today. Hopefully they wont be worthless like Steven shoes.
I remember trying to find this store, and I could never find it. ANd they never used to pick up the phone either.
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Store is right next to Kyoto Bowl and right nest to a very popular barber shop. The Olive clothing is very nice! Go check it out!
I was riding around in circles for like 20 minutes looking for Tokyo Bowl. It is in the same shopping center as "Kyoto Bowl " pretty much your standard botique. Nothing amazing except for a couple of pairs of air max 95's. I'm not sure about the prices though. Hopefully now being an urban account they will get a little bit more diverse selection.
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they are remodeling, so alot of their inventory is not out. I do know that they got quite a bit of rare air maxes, Jordans (rare and new), and AF1 (brown pride, stand alone, Lucha Libre, baseball, and more). They also got a pair of Player Exclusive Bibby's!
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