AZ NTers tell your Beginning Moments stories and thoughts

May 14, 2002
How did it go for you on Saturday ? Did anyone camp out ? What did you think of the pack ? Did you see anyone wearing anything interesting to the release ?
No $ = No BMP for Oscar :\

I know a hypebeast named Eric T. picked up a package though.

I also heard some male-shoe-drama unfolded at Desert Sky mall :nerd:
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Picked mine up at Steven's on 43rd ave. Very nice package and I was happy not to go through the DMP drama of last year.
everything went good at fiesta not any real heat but there really never is except for some guy wearing some nice crispy 4's (alex) lol but i heard there was a fight out at desert sky...was any one there
yeah who is that guy Alex ! I gotta say that the the highlight's of the day was seeing the guy at Fiesta Mall wearing one shoe in each color of the BMP's hahahahaha ! And the guy I saw that was asking for some sz 10.5 air max 90's that was told " we only have a sz 11" to which he replied " Oh okay that's my size but do they look all long and dumb yo ? "
im still in shock we had no "i got deez on lock" threads for them. prebought mine, buddy of mine picked mine and his up in the AM, woke up around 11, packed up my sons and met up with him around 1ish tossed them in the trunk and forgot about them there til monday. like them, but would prob prefer a DMP pack still...screw that night, so much drama and if i had lived where i do now then, id prob be dead from falling asleep on the drive home.
For anyone that might want a size 13 I might return mine at the nike outlet if I cant sell them. I got stuck with two of these packs.
i was desert sky it right after 5 am. mall security decided to all of a sudden to open the south entrance. everyone flooded to their cars, i actually saw a mom fall on her tail(slippery from rain). a chick almost ran into me in the parking lot. we stood at the south entrance for a bit, security flipped back and forth on which door to open. finally they opened one door, people rushed in, almost to the point of being squashed thru the door opening. security was gonna open the middle door, some kid ran up and was pushing the door while the guard still had his keys in it, the guard let the kid have it and slammed the door in2 his face. finally i made it in. people kinda ran in many directions to other stores. easy 20 people infront of me at finishline. fl only had one size 11.5 i was told. there was no way i was gonna get it. people cuttin in line. kinda crazy. i bought em online to be safe, i also had 2 be at work so i threw in the towel and bounced.
got some size 11 heat. get at me
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