Back 2 The Basics Meet @ Treasure Island, November 4th, 2007

May 31, 2004
Sup guys,
Just wanted to make a little post and mention that there's going to be an Import Meet at Treasure Island, November 4th, 2007 @ 12:00pm entitled "Back 2 The Basics" and hosted by a local and amateur car crew based out in the Northern California Area. There will be music, entertainment, and various types of cars at the meet. Food will also be provided, granted a $5 fee be graciously given at the time of the event. The purpose of this meet is to bring the Import Community together and to have a little rally before the Extreme Autofest Show in the following weeks. I know I dont really post that much on the forums and all, and you guys probably have a lot of better things to do than to show up at a meet hosted by a very amateur car crew, but showing your support would mean a lot to me, our crew, and the import community. We hope to have various types of cars to show up. I anticipate this meet to be a cool kick it and should be pretty fun. As with any group of people that are trying to get somewhere in this industry, it has to start somewhere and we figure that holding organized meets would be the best place to start. Well, thanks for your time guys and I hope to hear from y'all. Much love! Peace!

Guanaco Para Siempre
If the G35 crew rolls out, I may take my car out. Not much going on with it, but w/e.
i might come out, its kinda far off but if i have nothing to do that weekend i'll come out for sure, but i'll definitley post this event up on the regional forums on the forum i post on (nissanclub) for you

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