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ok back to school agian for all the folks... lets discuss easy classes/teachers and etc

so first off i wanna know whats the easiest out of american lit, british lit, african american lit, or world lit
and also with the fine arts classes, art appreciation or theater arts or music appreciation??
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out of the three years I've been in school. Music Appreciation has been my favorite class.
I took Brit lit and hated it, had a really good teach though. I'm taking World lit in the fall we'll see how that goes.

Idk see how you can discuss teachers unless people go to the same school


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i think it ultimately depends on the professor teaching the classes
go to ratemyprofessor and scope out the easiest teacher*

*-and hope their arent just a bunch of fake reviews boosting the teacher up


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ok yeah man i just decieded to take music appreciation but i would take art appreciation but i heard thats boring....... even though i like art

and i plan on taking american lit soon, brit lit didnt sound to fun me
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i enjoyed african american lit, but in my case the teacher made the clas extremely easy. So i found it interesting and a fly by course, rarely had work.
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Originally Posted by puddinpopp

ratemyprofessor helped me alot in school
It proved me wrong in my last fall semester. Had no choice but to go with the English professor that had bad reviews on her ratemyprofessor page, since the other professors were already full on students. Turns out that this teacher was really good, helped out the majority of the students, and made me understand some things that weren't covered back in High School.

Don't fully rely on it, any teacher is good as long as you pay attention, do your work, and most importantly, show up to class.
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