bagyong milenyo

May 5, 2005
manila in state of calamity due to damage caused by milenyo.

hope everyone is safe. only 40% of luzon got their electricity back.

that was one bad @#%$ storm, trees of our neighbors were being uprooted during the start.

many billboards and lamp post fell down hitting cars and buses.

still no classes all levels and office for government

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damn... keep safe everyone... I heard about billboards falling on people's houses. One supposedly killed an entire family including a baby :frown:
My girl's dog houses were all destroyed... she houses around 20 puppies

how is the weather today?
i just saw the news on tfc, its been quite a while since metro manila was really hit by a strong typhoon. almost all the big billboards in edsa fell...
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yes kingcrux it is , even glorietta is still not "that operational" with regard to their air conditioning yesterday , i hope it will be today . good thing the electricity in our area here in makati is back to normal since yesterday at around 3am . i hope our everyone will be fine as well .
still don't have any electricity in my part of qc. but i'm fortunate enough to have a generator and a working internet connection. not to mention a home. i've been counting my blessings, and this storm has really made me re-evaluate priorities in life.

yes, collecting kicks is one of my greatest passions. and yes, i will continue to do so. but every once in a while, during times like these, it helps to take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and see that there's more to life than the latest nike releases.

i just wish it didn't have to take a typhoon to make me aware of that.

stay safe, NT philippines.
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Electricity just came back in our area around an hour and a half ago. Power is back in Las Pinas in scattered places. A few corners from my house wala pa.

Hope nothing bad happened to any NTers.

See ya around guys.

Let's just be thankful it wasn't a hurricane. Hehehe
Think of all the possibilities.
been monitoring this news for the past few days and i'm just glad to hear that you're getting back electricity now.
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I'm finally home... Had to stay at Manila Pavillion for 3 days because of typhoon Milenyo. :\

Hope all of you guys are safe! :smokin
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