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jw air

Jan 5, 2009
all i can think of is the air jordan 1 and the a3 adidas

adi a3 superstars weren't controversial...

One factory was producing the sneaker with the midsole poorly glued to the upper, and in a result would eventually come part once played in heavily.

I heard it was only a small portion, and adidas recalled the sneaker as a whole because they wouldn't be able to make sure which came from which factory.

Recall occured. I returned two pairs of well played in patent all stars for 230 no questions asked. They were perfectly fine too, just played in a bunch oftimes.

adi offerred a choice of 130 refund or a 150 voucher for their website.
I couldn't find anything on it but I remember Kevin Johnson having some Converse's back in the day that were banned because they were called the"Run N Gun"s or the "Run N Shoot"s. I remember them that they were either banned or had the name changed.
Jordan V I think were banned by the NBA because of the 3M reflective tounge . The LA Gear Catapults that Carl Malone wore I think were also banned because oflight that blinked when you walked in them. Besides the Air "Allah" aka Air Bakins and Jordan I mentioned above, thats pretty much all I know orremember. Hope this helps. Although I may just be wrong on all accounts.
These dunks were dope but were scrapped because they were named after the mass suicide Heavens Gate. they should have just gave them a different name. i reallywanted a pair last sbs i copped were sea crystals. and I think those Freddy Krugers were scrapped too. not sure why
the air bakin to me is the most interesting. the air on the heel too closely resembled the sybol for Allah and the shoes were recalled and the design waschanged to the classic Nike Air logo


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i need it for school its kinda a long story
Oh, so homework help threads are allowed now?

I'll be posting my trig/chem questions then.
i dont wear dunks but those Heavens Gates are nice...

zoom vick 5


after vick caught the case they changed the name and changed the midsole to full lenght max air and called it something else.
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